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Hung up by Virtue Shop’s anti-snore strap

So I placed this order weeks back and now I email to get progress and get no response, I leave messages on their site and nothing. … This clearly is a scam and unfortunately you see all the poor suckers who keep placing orders.

So writes Nick from South Africa.  When Nick looks at Virtue Shop‘s refund terms (see “Onerous Terms” section below) he’s going to be even more upset.  Contact information:


July 27, 2017; There may be nothing illegal or wrong with the following business practices. But they suggest that the seller is not to be trusted. I’m using my Scam-O-Meter scoring system; -1 means true (bad), +1 means false (good), and 0 means undetermined. I penalize the seller for statements made by shills.

Ridiculous claims: 0.  I’m not qualified to evaluate this product on a medical basis.  But it looks like Virtue Shop confuses the symptom of snoring with the disease of sleep apnea.  I did find some information that leads me to doubt that the chin strap is a sure cure.  This WebMD article explains that there are two types of sleep apnea.  Preventing snoring seems unlikely to counteract central sleep apnea, because its cause is in the brain’s respiratory control center.

Suspicious location: -1.  Virtue Shop’s web site doesn’t reveal its location.  ScamAdvisor says “Site is Canada-based, but real location is being hidden,” listing an anonymous Privacy Inc. client identifier number as Virtue Shop’s owner.  The Terms of Service say that the governing law is that of Dublin, Ireland.

Onerous terms: -1

  • For a refund, you have to return the strap within 14 days from your ordernot from the date you receive it.  Virtue Shop advises, “Allow up to 3 – 4 weeks for delivery.”
  • For a refund, you have to return the product unused in its original package.
  • Some(?) health and personal care items can’t be returned.
  • Marked-down items can’t be returned.  Notice that the strap is marked down.
  • You have to pay the shipping on items you return.  (Maybe to Ireland!)
  • They don’t guarantee that the strap will meet your expectations; nor that anything they say is true.

Ads, spam, robocalls: +1.  If you opt in, they’ll email you advertising.  You can opt out.

guaranteeLying and deception: -1.  Virtue Shop advertises a 90-day money back guarantee.  But their Return Policy states that the guarantee period is only 14 days.

Obfuscation: -1.

  • A count-down timer and diminishing number of items in stock gives the impression that you don’t have time to make a careful decision.
  • pressureBoxes with messages claiming that other people are buying up the products keep overlaying the page.

Phony reviews: -1.  Testimonials by people with no last names are featured on-site.

Crummy product: +1.  Although Amazon doesn’t carry Virtue Shop, they offer a product that sure looks the same.  It’s rated 4.3 stars by thousands of customers.

Overpriced: +1.  Virtue Shop is asking $29.  Amazon’s very similar product is marked $30.

75% discount: -1.  They don’t say so.  But ($135-$29) / $135 works out to a 78% markdown.

Total score; -3

Unauthorized charges: I found no reports of this.  The “Guaranteed Safe Checkout” omits PayPal as an accepted form of payment.  That’s not a good sign, even if you don’t intend to use PayPal.

Conclusion:  The product seems worth trying as a first step.  But get it from Amazon.