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Bizwhiznetwork.com; a small business with issues

Heavily involved in internet marketing, BizWhizNetwork.com has viruses or malware on many of its web pages.  And it has the same physical address as Shadowhawk Flashlights.

What sort of company is this?  I set out to find out.

I first noticed Bizwhiznetwork.com (red links are risky, do not click) while I was looking into the LUX HD450 smartphone lens scam.  In July 2016 I posted information about the connections of the LUX operation, which lead to Shadowhawk Flashlights and Bizwhiznetwork.com.  Because Shadowhawk is a widely-known scammer, I assumed that Bizwhiznetwork.som must somehow be involved in scamming, too.

While I was in Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport on 1/23/17, I received an email from someone at Bizwhiznetwork.com.  It said:

Hello I am contacting you in regards to bizwhiznetwork.com we are no scammers and would appreciate it if you can remove your negative things about us on your website. This was a project that i have work long and hard on for years now since being hack and getting malware on my site Im asking politely now to remove me from web scammer jammer. thank you

Is this web site risky to look at?

The email included the company’s web address.  Curiously, I touched it:

It looked like the airport’s wifi gateway was blocking bizwhiznetwork.com.  I did a search on whether the website was safe; Norton said it wasn’t.

The Bizwhizhetwork.com email had mentioned the same problem.  Maybe they are just a victim of some external hacker?  I replied, asking “Would you like to tell me more about your business?”  I received no response.

From home, I tried to access the page again, after making sure that my Safari browser had the BitDefender extension:


BitDefender’s “Stoplight” feature flags risky web links with red lights.  I saw a lot of them when I googled for Bizwhiznetwork.com:


What sort of company is this?

bizwhiznetwork.com looks to be an enterprising small business that specializes in online marketing support.  It attempts to cover many specialties.

All in one small business solution Based in Las Vegas , NV the Bizwhiznetwork.com Consultant Service provides the best in: *Public Relations *Web Design *Brand Awareness *SEO *Marketing & Advertising *Social Media *Business Reputation

Categories: Advertising, Graphic Design, Printing, Advertising Agencies, Public Relations, Business Consultants, Website Design And Seo

“SEO” means “Search Engine Optimization.”  Here’s an explanation of SEO.  It’s apparent that Bizwhiznetwork.com specializes in servicing companies that sell stuff on the web.

  • Bizwhiznetwork.com has a skeletal Instagram profile that boasts “Commercial branding experts.
  • Bizwhiznetwork.com has a YouTube channel with one video.  It’s entitled “How To Make Money Fast Online.”
  • I see ads by Bizwhiznetwork.com for an app called InstaSaver; for example, here.

BizwhizNetwork.com operates a web site that features short, innocuous news stories.  Safe sites that echo Bizwhiznetwork.com offer such headlines as:

What’s special about its location?

FourSquare lists this business contact information:

7582 Las Vegas Blvd S (Las Vegas Blvd)
Las Vegas, NV 89123

(702) 509-5056

I see a UPS store at this address.  The Better Business Bureau of southern Nevada  lists the above as the address of well-known scammer Shadowhawk Flashlights.  Maybe this is just a coincidence?  The two businesses could be renting separate mailboxes and have nothing to do with each other.

What about its reputation?

I found no complaints about bizwhiznetwork.com at the BBB, RipoffReport.com or PissedConsumer.com.  I found no complaints by doing searches on Google.  But I found no in-depth reviews or ratings of bizwhiznetwork.com either.

If you know anything about Bizwhiznetwork.com, please reply!  Thank you.


Titaniced by F.B. Purity Facebook tools

Don’t install this Facebook-filtering browser script.  It may look appealing, but it comes with baggage you won’t want; TamperMonkey, a platform for adware, malware and spyware that can be difficult to remove.screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-10-42-31-pm

My experience

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, I was looking for some way to stop seeing Facebook posts about a certain person!  But I didn’t want to block all the content from my friends who were posting about him.  And I didn’t want to block the source pages they were linking to, because they might have other content I still wanted to see.  Facebook doesn’t offer a way to block content based on a “blacklist” of keywords.  It’d be nice if they did!  Lacking that, F.B. Purity, a browser script, looked like the way to go.

I easily found the web page for downloading F.B. Purity.  But it said that first I needed to install TamperMonkey; and it provided a handy link to that site.

In turn, TamperMonkey had a checkbox for installing GetFormsOnline.  The TamperMonkey install wouldn’t start until I accepted GetFormsOnline.  (In this screen cap, it’s forcing acceptance of a different program.)


Right away, my OSX/Safari browser started acting strangely.  Each new tab I opened showed a strange web search page, even tho my Preferences didn’t show it as my home page.  Belatedly, I looked up GetFormsOnline and TamperMonkey.  I realized I’d made a big mistake; these are dangerous programs, and TamperMonkey is a gateway for more undesirable software.

In effect, TamperMonkey is a trojan horse.  And so, by extension, is F.B. Purity.


If you see this after installing F.B. Purity, you have a problem.

For some reason, and luckily for me, the TamperMonkey install failed (and so the F.B. Purity install failed).  I was able to uninstall GetFormsOnline.  I’m running a full scan of my computer with BitDefender as I write this, to make as sure as I can that no other “Greeks” came on board with TamperMonkey.

I’d rather live without a Facebook filter than tolerate this dicey stuff on my computer.  I hope you’ll agree.  If you already installed F.B. Purity, I strongly suggest that you uninstall TamperMonkey, GetFormsOnline and any other software that you were forced to install.  If that puts F.B. Purity out of commission, so be it.

F.B. Purity’s response

I contacted Stephen Fernandez at F.B. Purity Tech Support.  He said:

sorry but you are incorrect, tampermonkey is not a trojan and neither is fb purity.

tampermonkey didnt force you to install anything. you installed the wrong thing because you didnt follow my instructions carefully, despite me telling you to.

fb purity doesnt force you to install anything either. fb purity is compatible with chrome and firefox on mac natively, fb purity only requires tampermonkey to be installed if you want to run it on safari.  (My note: Safari is Apple’s browser that comes pre-installed on an iMac; so most Mac users will have to install TamperMonkey.)

A 12/19/16 post in TheNextWeb.com states that the developer of F.B. Purity has been banned from Facebook.