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Shocked by ClearView HDTV antenna

There may be nothing illegal or wrong with the following business practices. But they suggest that the seller is not to be trusted. I’m using my Scam-O-Meter scoring system; -1 means true (bad), +1 means false (good), and 0 means undetermined. I penalize the seller for statements made by shills.  Contact information:

Web site: ClearView HDTV antenna
10450 N Airport Rd. Hayden, ID 83835  USA
phone: 1 (415) 422-9366
email: support@clearviewantenna.com

Ridiculous claims: -1.  Developed by a NASA scientist using military technology …”  Perhaps he defected to China?  I see several window antennas in AliBaba.

hqSuspicious location: -1.  The address above is a real building.  But according to Ripoff Report it’s also used by known scammer ClearSight Glasses.

Onerous terms: 0.  The terms are modest compared to those of some sellers.  However, they don’t guarantee that the antenna’s quality will meet your expectations; nor that anything they say is true.

Ads, spam, robocalls: +1.  You can opt into receiving advertising, and opt out.

Lying and deception: -1.  Up to 50 mile range …”  ChannelMaster’s antenna selection guide lists the range of a “FLATenna” as 35 miles.

Obfuscation: -1.  When I move my mouse out of the page, a coupon with a countdown timer appears.  Better hurry!

reviewerPhony reviews: -1.  The on-site endorsement by “Angela Kelly” uses a photo that’s for sale on deposit photos.com.

Crummy product: 0.  Unknown.

Overpriced: -1.  ClearView is asking $40 for one antenna.  Amazon carries a similar antenna for $10, listing its range as 35 miles.  You can buy 100 window antennae on AliBaba for as little as $2 each.

Bad service: 0.  I found some complaints of this.

Total score; -5

Unauthorized charges: The Better Business Bureau rates ClearView HDTV Antenna “F” with six complaints, tho most of them were resolved.  ClearView doesn’t accept PayPal.

Conclusion: Avoid.

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