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Scammers who steal again and again

Readers have reported to me that the following companies/offerings not only scammed them once, but retained their credit-card data and continued to use it month after month for more bogus charges:

If you have ever given your credit-card data to these companies, regardless of whether you got a refund, I urge you to act quickly to protect yourself.

  1. Call your credit card issuer.  Ask for their Fraud Division.
  2. Ask them to reverse the charges by these companies, and any other charges you didn’t authorize.  Be suspicious of small, recurring charges with obscure descriptions.
  3. Ask them to block the credit card, and to issue you a card with a different number.
  4. You will need to move any legitimate scheduled and automatic payments from the old card to the new one.
  5. If you created an online account on the scammer’s website, and you’ve used the same password on other sites, change your passwords on those sites.

Complaining to the scammer is risky.  It only gives them more time to steal from you.  Keep in mind that a scammer is a criminal posing as a legitimate business, and act accordingly.

If you’re finding bogus charges in your statement from a company that you never did business with, you may choose to first investigate who they are and try to work with them.  But if they aren’t legit you should follow the same advice.  In this case, they’ve probably obtained your credit card data from the black market as the result of a mass hack such as the recent Target incident.  Or someone else may have bought your credit card data and is using it to make purchases from legitimate businesses.

Typical reports:

This is a SCAM. Once they have your card number, you get monthly small charges (clearly they hope to slip under the radar) – mine have been 8.99,8.95, 15.95, all under different names (RibbonGoods, GlobalInv). If you call, they claim you purchased a membership in a discount club. No I didn’t. The first month, I called and they refunded those charges as well as my “membership”. The bank said they couldn’t do anything about it the first month since the charges hadn’t “gone through” yet – and yet they held that amount of money “hostage” while waiting. They did NOT cancel anything – 2 more months of small charges to differently named companies. Supposedly they are refunding these again and supposedly cancelled my membership again. Changing my card number.

We were scammed too. Taking money from our account without our permission because we were APPARENTLY part of the elite shipping club. They said they never got our emails because it was apparently a Do Not Reply customer service email (never said that on the email). What kind of customer service has a do not reply? Trashy company – stay away!

I did not order Falcon flashlights and have never received any. However, there are three recurring charges on my bank card. I have tried to contact them, number us not valid. A recording says they’re not taking anymore orders or servicing previous ones. How do I stop the recurring charges Thank you