The 10 funniest web-scammer bloopers of 2017


HDZoon360 claims that the photo above was taken during a safari in Kenya.  But Cecil The Lion lived in Zimbabwe.


1TAC Flashlights shill  Save Of Scam Activity advises: “TC1200 information 1Tac very rare became only at this time, but we will do our best to provide the specifications and qualifications of this perceived military too flashlight technology, which has just been made available to the public. It is said that the spotlight LED digital concentrations produce extremely bright, light and radiation that should not be used in a game, or as a light.


GadgetsCatalog‘s virtual baseball scenario has the image upside-down from the player’s point of view.


From IntelligenceRX‘s shill, “If you are willing to use this supplement, visit online and check the offers or deals on its official website.  Hurry up and get its bottle, until the stock lasts.  Go for it right now.“

#6 was so embarrassed by their squalid building that they “borrowed” somebody else’s to display on their web site.



Fill In The Blank dept.: Battle Flashlights:

  • It is already selling out all over The USA and Europe and has now landed in!
  • … this “military grade” flashlight has become very popular among both men and women from .
  • Remember:(Our shipping network reaches every corner of with no exceptions!).


Gladiator Flashlights:


Perfecta Straightening Brush:


HD360x becomes another client of the laughing bearded man, what’s-his-name:lead techs


Ultrabeam Lasers:bo

Honorable mentions:

  • “If you believe any information available on this site will carry potential a single result because the read or acquired, it will not.
  • “It simply provides me the self-confidence and also self-esteem, because of a person with extra slim weak body has to bear taunt from their follows.
  • TV Frog: “How can TVFrog sell at nearly half the price of its competitors? Honestly, it can’t.



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