Puzzled by FIXD car health monitor

Bought this for my mom for help with car problems since my father passed away,” writes Austin J. of Pensacola FL, who is not an actual person.

On July 4, 2017 (yes, the smoke is rolling in my window as I write) let’s plug the Scam-O-Meter into FIXD and see what’s going on.  Contact information:

FIXD Automotive
75 5th St NW, Suite 380
Atlanta, Georgia US 30308
phone: 404 458 7936

There may be nothing illegal or wrong with the following business practices. But they suggest that the seller is not to be trusted. I’m using my Scam-O-Meter scoring system; -1 means true, +1 means false, and 0 means undetermined. I penalize the seller for statements made by shills.

Ridiculous claims: +1.  None found.

Suspicious location: +1.  False; 75 5th St NW, Suite 380, Atlanta, Georgia US 30308 is a real building.  Other uses of the address that I found were legitimate businesses.hq

Onerous terms: 0.  Their terms are better than many, so I’m cutting them some slack.  However,

  • You have 30 days from the date of your order — not the date you received the monitor — to return your monitor for a refund.
  • They’ll deduct the cost of shipping the monitor to you from your refund.
  • They don’t guarantee that anything they say is true.

Ads, spam, robocalls: +1.  You can opt-in to receive emailed advertising; you can unsubscribe.

Lying and deception: +1.  None found.

Obfuscation: -1

  • Count-down timer to rush you into a hasty decision.
  • The page is continually overlaid by notices that people in other locations are buying monitors.  Maybe they’ll run out of them?

Phony reviews: -1

  • BetterLifeAdvocate gives a fawning review with testimonials by a mix of real and made-up people and graphical links to FIXD; looks like a shill.
  • On-site testimonials by made-up people whose pictures are clip-art.  The one whose father passed away has quite a career as a reviewer.shill

Crummy product: 0.  I can’t tell.  It earned only 2.7 stars among Amazon buyers, with a fairly even split between people who loved and hated it.  “Tech support very slow and vague. App now crashes every time I try to connect. Unfortunately I think this company is going out of business – i’d recommend spending your money elsewhere. Total waste of time and money and failed to work when I actually needed it.

Overpriced: 0.  I can’t tell.  FIXD is asking $60 on their own site, vs. $79 on Amazon.  Amazon offers other car monitors for $18 and up.  These products are too technical to easily compare.

75% discount: +1.  False.

Total score; +3.

Unauthorized charges: I found no reports of this.  But there have been service problems.

  • One person complained on Ripoff Report about a confused response by FIXD to his cancellation request.
  • The Better Business Bureau rates FIXD “F” due to failure to respond to complaints, even tho the complaints they listed had responses.  Common issues are delivery delays and slow, confused responses to requests for cancellations and refunds.
  • FIXD accepts PayPal.

Conclusion: It looks to me like this is a legitimate business that’s overwhelmed.  (The obfuscation and phony reviews are troubling, though.)


One thought on “Puzzled by FIXD car health monitor

  1. Jose

    I have received my FIXD .. The device doesn’t work on the Montero I have turn on the device and off Bluetooth turn off Bluetooth turn on my iPhone and it still won’t register nothing ..need my money back



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