Bill Marriott, please stop the robocalls

Are you troubled by daily robocalls from “Elizabeth”?  Then join me in letting Marriott’s megaboss know how you feel.

July 4, 2017
Mr. Bill Marriott
Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board
Marriott International, Inc.
10400 Fernwood Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20817-1102

Dear Mr. Marriott,

“Hello, my name is Elizabeth …”. Like the movie “Groundhog Day” I get a phone call from Marriott every single day that begins with these words.

Elizabeth is a robot. She says she is in the Resort Rewards Center, and she wants me to book a stay in a Marriott hotel. I’ve tried telling her not to call me any more; it doesn’t work. I’ve tried blocking her number; she spoofs a different number every time, so this doesn’t work. I’ve tried not answering calls from cities other than Seattle; but now she pretends she has a Seattle number, so this doesn’t work.

So now I’m going to try writing to you. Think of the harm this relentless, low-class, aggravating sales campaign is doing to Marriott’s reputation. Imagine the chances that I will ever stay in one of your hotels again. Please have mercy and stop the robocalls.

Sincerely yours,


2 thoughts on “Bill Marriott, please stop the robocalls

  1. pablovilas13 Post author

    I see that the linked page is an advertisement for Lemberg Law in the form of a testimonial letter. The company has a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Facebook shows one “Casey Jacobs.” I’m passing on the link without a recommendation from me in case it may be of use to some readers. Keep in mind that, at best, winning such a case would only stop robocalls from a single telemarketer.



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