Battered by Battle tactical flashlights

Only at Battle Flashlights can you order one item, and get sold and charged for two!

Battle Flashlights
501 W Broadway, Ste A304
San Diego, CA 92101, United States
Phone: 1-855-454-6186

June 24, 2017: There may be nothing illegal or wrong with the following business practices. But they suggest that the seller is not to be trusted. I’m using my Scam-O-Meter scoring system; -1 means true, +1 means false, and 0 means undetermined. I penalize the seller for statements made by shills.

Ridiculous claims: -1.  Kudos to whoever wrote this copy for making an 800 to 1,000-lumen flashlight sound like a nuclear weapon.

  • Some users are afraid it will be regulated and sales of this item will be outlawed for civilian use.
  • “Paralysis strobe” technology.

Suspicious location: -1.  501 W Broadway, Ste A304, San Diego, CA 92101 is a mailbox. po

Onerous terms: -1

  • They’ll charge a 30% restocking fee on returns for refund or replacement.
  • They don’t guarantee that the flashlight is fit for any use; nor that anything they say is true.
  • You can’t sue them, join a class action that’s suing them, or join a group arbitration. If you somehow end up in court with them anyway, it has to be a court in San Diego, CA.

Ads, spam, robocalls: -1.

  • They’ll beam ads at you, spam, junk-mail, telephone and text you.  You can only partially opt out.
  • they’ll share your data with other companies that will do the same.
  • If they sell their company, your data is part of the deal.

Lying and deception: -1.

  • 200 times more powerful than a camera flash?  Battle Flashlight; 800-1,000 lumens.  Camera flash onto 1 square meter; 1.4 million lumens.
  • What’s included with your purchase?
    • 1x BATTLE FLASHLIGHTS flashlight – 800-1000 Lumens – 2000X Zoom
    • 1x Rechargeable Lithium Battery*
    • 1x Lightning Fast Wall-Charger*
    • 1x Lightning Fast Car-Charger*
    • 1x Luxurious Protective Case
    • 100% Rush Shipping NationWide!

A few paragraphs away, I found: * These items are optional and have an additional cost.

Obfuscation: -1.

  • hiddenCount-down timer on the second page implies that you don’t have enough time to make a careful decision.
  • They slip a second product into your package on page 3, doubling the money they’ll charge.  The total charge is in a light type-face, easy to overlook.

Phony reviews: -1

  • The first page of the web site poses as a review.
  • It includes several testimonials by people with no last names.

Crummy product: 0.  There’s no way to know.  Remember that you buy and pay for two products here.  One richly described flashlight, plus a “free” tactical kit, concealed until the third page, for which they charge an additional $20.

Overpriced: -1. Rhetorically they ask, “How are we able to offer this extraordinary flashlight for such a low price?”  By forcing you to also buy a second product.

75% discount: +1.  False; I think?  See “Bloopers” below.

Total score; -7

Unauthorized charges:  I found no reports of this.  Battle Flashlights does not accept PayPal.

Conclusion: Forget these guys; buy a flashlight at Home Depot.

Bloopers:  True!  We’ve hit the jackpot this time.

  • laughIt is already selling out all over The USA and Europe and has now landed in!
  • … this “military grade” flashlight has become very popular among both men and women from .
  • 1x Luxurious Protective Case.  Surely the copywriter is winking at us here.
  • Remember:(Our shipping network reaches every corner of with no exceptions!).
  • They can’t decide what their regular price is; and their arithmetic is hilarious.bloopers

One thought on “Battered by Battle tactical flashlights

  1. netrolller3d

    The battery and charger being optional is actually a GOOD thing in this case. It’s a low-quality Chinese battery (no word whether it’s the exploding variety or the one with a tiny genuine cell wrapped in a huge casing), and the “charger” is probably just a 4.2V “+/-10%” power supply with no CCCV electronics – in other words, it will fry, not charge, your batteries.

    Save the money you would spend on their crappy battery kit, and get a decent battery (e.g. Panasonic) and charger (e.g. Xtar or LiitoKala) for that money.



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