Fragged by TV Frog “free TV” box

Every year, you’re feeding thousands of dollars to greedy cable companies.  …Doesn’t it just make you want to call up the cable guy and tell him to stuff it?

So, it seems that getting a TV Frog isn’t just an economic move — it’s revenge.  On 5/16/17 let’s take a look at this internet streaming box.  Marketed by FreeSeeTV, actually sold by Strong Current Enterprises Ltd.  Contact information:

19-21 crawford street, london w1h 1pj, England
International: +1-716-330-1335
United States: 1-888-836-8088

There may be nothing illegal or wrong with the following business practices. But they suggest that the seller is not to be trusted. I’m using my Scam-O-Meter scoring system; -1 means true, +1 means false, and 0 means undetermined.  A reminder; I penalize the seller for statements made by his shills.

Ridiculous claims: -1

  • Get it now, before “the big cable companies successfully shut them down,warns shill Take My Damn Money.  Scammers love to claim that their products are barely legal.  But that shutdown won’t happen; TV Frog is just an internet connection for your TV.

Suspicious location: -1.  19-21 crawford street, london w1h 1pj, England is a mailbox.  This address is shared by HDZoom360.  This is also the address of an “academic assistance company.”


Onerous terms:  -1

  • All products are sold ‘as is’ and all sales are final. …No refunds will be issued.
  • You have 30 days from the date of delivery to exchange your unused box for another box, or for store credit.
  • You pay the shipping on your returned box — apparently, to London, England.
  • They don’t guarantee that the box is fit for any use; nor that anything they say is true.

Ads, spam, robocalls: +1.  You can opt in to receive email, and opt out.

Lying and deception: -1

  • After floating a conspiracy theory about exploitative cable company fat-cats, Take My Damn Money asserts “Millions of Americans are saying goodbye to cable for good.”  Fake news alert! reports, “people are not abandoning pay-TV in favor of these streaming services; instead, they are choosing to supplement their pay TV services by, in essence, creating their own TV bundles.
  • TMDM also claims “it’s the only product of its kind to offer 4K resolution.”  But reports that Roku Premiere and Amazon Fire TV also have 4K resolution.
  • How can TVFrog sell at nearly half the price of its competitors? Honestly, it can’t.”  Thanks for the honesty; shows that it’s not that cheap.

Obfuscation: -1

  • TMDM lists the price at $50 in one place and $75 in another.  FreeSeeTV’s web site only reveals the $80 price on the second page.
  • Careful; the order form is pre-filled for a quantity of three TV Frogs ($185).
  • Important links are camouflaged at the bottom of the order form.hidden

About Us | Contact Us | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Affiliate | Manual | FAQ

Phony reviews: -1.  Paid shill Take My Damn Money writesWhen your cable company calls you to ask why you cancelled your service, just give them our number. They know us.”  Looks like the reviewer forgot to edit the puffery he got from SCE.

Crummy product: -1.  (Updated 7/9/17) Replies by many disappointed readers make it clear that TV Frog is buggy and poorly-supported.

  • There is no Remote in the box and no Paperwork ! ( No Manual or Instructions ) I have tried to work all three of them, Only one will come on and it won’t follow my instructions thru’ the included mouse ! 
  • i just had mine arrive and I can’t figure out how to update Kodi or even get Ice Films or anything decent on this. 
  • 1) The product is sh!t quality is just horrible.
    2) Android. OK, I could do a lot with the little box.
    3) It read my music and video library
    4) After 1 day, through some kinda bad update I suppose, Android box now won’t boot.
    5) Now, 24 hours later, It’s now a brick.

Overpriced: +1.  Today’s $80 single-unit price seems about in line with prices on similar products listed in  Amazon doesn’t carry it.  Their own streaming gadget is $90.

75% discount: +1.  False.

Total score; -4

Unauthorized charges:  I found no reports of this.  SCE accepts PayPal.


  • SCE also markets the HDZoom360 smart phone lens. rates the HDZoom360 with a trust level of “Low” advising “This site may not be safe to use.
  • Other reviewers reported that SCE falsely advertised a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  But I found no such advertising.  Perhaps SCE removed it in response to those criticisms.

Conclusion: Buy an internet box from a reputable seller located in your own country (or city!).

Bonus outtakes: TMDM cautions, “Be careful, though – some apps exist in a legal gray area, such as Exodus, which streams TV shows and movies for free. That’s a little TOO cheap, if you ask us.”  How convenient of them to disclose the name of the free streaming company–not that you’d ever use it.

Related: Snopes; “Is TV Frog a legitimate alternative to cable?


30 thoughts on “Fragged by TV Frog “free TV” box

    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      Depends on how much TV you want, and how fresh you want it. For light use, I think an internet streaming box and a few web streaming subscriptions (Netflix, etc.) would be fine–just not TV Frog. And don’t forget broadcast TV; it’s free if you’re in range. If you need more, be patient; I think cable will come down as the competition heats up.

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      1. unksly

        TV FROG ???

        ~~~They should Re-name them ‘TV FRAUDS~~

        I purchased (3) TVFrogs on 13th April 2017. The money taken out of my account immediately .

        No confirmation by email, No Shipping Info and No info on delivery time…….NOTHING.(The Page Closes )
        Now they offer all type of other things and I wonder if my order went thru’.
        This is a great start to what I already thought was a BIG RIPOFF. The next day I got an email from Paypal showing an order for (1) Generic Smart TV Hub @ $182.00 USD.
        On the 16th of Apr. I get a new confirmation from Paypal stating that Strong Current Enterprises Limited added new shipping details and stated that my shipment had shipped.
        Now on May 10th I get another Confirm from Paypal….This time it says that my order is now placed with Shipper (Asendia Hongkong)
        Tracking number RU464208154CH
        Shipping status New
        At last…On May 26 I finally get my shipment of 3 TV Frogs. They are green and look just like the photos only there is no Name, Trademarks or Writing on them anywhere. There is no Remote in the box and no Paperwork ! ( No Manual or Instructions ) I have tried to work all three of them, Only one will come on and it won’t follow my instructions thru’ the included mouse !
        I AM FILING A COMPLAINT AND GETTING PAYPAL TO HELP ME GET THEM BACK TO CHINA ! ( P.S. Want a good laugh ? Try this out : support staff at or 1-888-836-8088 (US Only).



  1. Anonymous

    i just had mine arrive and I can’t figure out how to update Kodi or even get Ice Films or anything decent on this. Total waste of money, and I bought 2.


  2. Wanda Lear

    Did something really stupid and bought 5 of these horrible things. Two were the small black ones, and three were the green ones. I spent all night updating and loading apps in the black one (green does not work well in my living room). The next morning the damned thing wouldn’t turn on. Somehow it was fried. The power cord was fine (tried it on another device) which meant the black box was a dud! All that work for nothing. So, I opened one of the new green models. Turned on fine but ran for 75 minutes without loading anything other than the main Android screen. NOTHING! I unplugged it and waited for a couple minutes, turned it back on and, same thing, just the Android artwork screen. No apps, nothing. Turned it off again and back on… okay, nothing except flicking on and off… the Android screen. Another dud! Onto the next green TV Frog box. Turned on right away, crappy looking apps (nothing like the ones the black box had) And, I noticed the version code in the bottom right corner… vs. 4.01. For those who are wondering what difference that makes, it’s like using your computer with an operating system of Windows Vista. I had to update the box to Kodi Jarvis 16.1 (which worked, luckily) but the box is so cheaply made (it comes from China, enough said) that it will not take the newest version, Kodi 17.3. And, it will not give you a file manager so it’s impossible to find anything you’ve downloaded (like better looking skins) so the main screen will continue to look like crap. So far this awful green thing is still running (and I mean it’s still “on”) and hasn’t burned out yet (knock on wood). But, it’s a totally useless device anyhow. I’m on the lookout for a new, more reputable model. But, like all the other comments above, BE FOREWARNED… DO NOT BUY A TV FROG! It is an absolute waste of hard-earned money!!!


    1. Gloria

      I too got sucked in by the hype. I bought 3 units have tried one and it is working but i bont know how to get the tv streaming going no instructions supplied


  3. D

    I bought one and a pad, then they called me at a bad time talked me to a mouse !
    That was May 25 2017 still nothing. Wish I’d found this site first.


  4. Anonymous

    I agree this box is rubbish, support is non existent, picture buffers on all channels and im connected to brand new BT hub with cat 6 cable.


  5. Reggie Smith

    I’ve called their customer service number (716-330-1335) and they don’t answer. My receipt doesn’t have a order # and I’m trying to confirm shipping. I used Pay Pal and I’ll follow up with them. Not a good feeling right now.


    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      From other replies I’ve seen, you won’t like it when it arrives. Quickly, cancel the order; notify them by email and registered mail requiring a receipt, rather that letting them out you off any longer. Reverse the charge. With luck you may escape this trap.


  6. Brian Peachey

    Ordered and payed for one with debit card 3 wks ago money taken straight away, nothing to confirm order placed or shipment, no email or any confirmation, so i’m guessing just a rip off and I will never get anything, tried to find contact info no numbers to call only email in USA.
    Lesson learnt do not buy through this company unless your prepared to lose your money!!


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  8. wx12391b

    I got mine. I like XBMC/KODI. So, having having a 1080p video output in a nice dedicated little box would be worth it. I got it last night, and played with it for 3 hours.
    1) The product is sh!t quality is just horrible.
    2) Android. OK, I could do a lot with the little box.
    3) It read my music and video library
    4) After 1 day, through some kinda bad update I suppose, Android box now wont boot.
    5) Now, 24 hours later, It’s now a brick.
    Or, rather, it’s so light, I have tough time calling it a brick. But, I don’t suspect there is anything I can really do with it now. They took my money. After reading these reviews, don’t suspect I’ll hear from support.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Janice Powell

    ordered 2 tv frogs never got them money taken out of my acct immediatiy plan to go to my bank and dispute charge right away hope i get my money back expensive lesson very angry at this company dont order anything from them ever they are a ripp off very angry at you tv frog
    janice powell



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  11. Paul Di Benedetto

    I have been duped too. This thing is a pice of garbage. Apart from all the wild claims about being able to access content free which is illegal.
    I have wasted a whole day messing around with this thing. It is complicated to operate despite having purchased the optional keyboard remote. The software is glitchy. It will not operate on WiFi without dropping out, despite being two meters from the WiFi transmitter. I went the trouble of getting an Ethernet cable to bypass WiFi This resolved the signal problem. The SPDIF socket does not emit a signal at all and the audio emitted from the AV socket is noisy and useless anyway because it is analogue.
    I have, it seems along with many others have been ripped off. DO NOT buy this product.


  12. Graeme Pile

    I ordered one of these green frogs six weeks ago, I payed with PayPal they took the money straight away not heard a thing or seen anything,now it looks like if it does turn up it will be a load of RUBBISH. I had better try making a claim through PayPal.


  13. Anonymous

    Totalne oszustwo,PayPal nie kontroluje i weryfikuje takich posiadaczy konta płatniczego u nich, niech teraz walczy o odzyskanie pieniędzy bo ja jeszcze zdążyłem żądać zwrotu poprzez mój bank. PayPal chce abym to ja z powrotem wpłacił pieniądze by konto było na “0”.Są po prostu śmieszni.

    “Total fraud, PayPal does not control and verify such payment account holders in them, now let’s fight to recover money because I still have to claim a refund through my bank. PayPal wants me to put money back to my account for “0”. They are just ridiculous.”


  14. Dan Maloney

    Damn…wish I had gone here before I ordered one ! Guess it’s already a write off,,,before I have even received it…..don’t know if it was ever shipped,..en route..just know my money is gone !!


  15. Anonymous

    garbage, garbage, crap, ordered because was supposed to get tv shows where the heck are they? i don’t see anything on this thing about tv shows, but of course no inscturctions


  16. Anonymous



  17. Anonymous

    Do not buy this product! I had a similar experience as other comments here. Box worked for a week and then nothing. Had to pay $65 to ship it back to the Netherlands where I am told I will be reimbursed once the product is received. Not holding my breath. Wish I had found this website earlier.



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