Flashed by Tactical X flashlights

Tactical X flashlights looks to be Military Supply USA‘s little brother, imitating the scam going on across the alley but not getting it quite right.  It’s April 3, 2017.  Keep in mind that I’m not talking about illegal advertising; I’m talking about signs that a seller is a scammer (someone who takes your money by trickery or theft). I’m using my Scam-O-Meter scoring system; -1 means true, +1 means false, and 0 means undetermined.

Ridiculous claims: -1

  • Commonly used by our nation’s elite special forces …”  Obviously, they’d have to go to an antique store to buy flashlights with incandescent light bulbs in them.
  • We had to open up a second factory just to keep up with the massive amounts of orders coming in.”  Would that be in China?
  • Made out of military-grade aluminum as opposed to cheap plastic.”  So are beer cans.
  • Incredibly bright LED element that, paired with its disorienting ‘strobe mode’, will render a potential attacker incapacitated.”  If that doesn’t work, you can always hit him with it.
  • These $200 lights are currently selling for 75% off their normal price!”  Read: WE ARE SCAMMERS.

Post Office box: 0.  301 Thomas Ave. N. Suite R – Minneapolis MN 55405.  Okay, this is a real place. But it’s right next door to the Minneapolis scam factory I’ve been writing about.  Looks to be part of it, in fact.loc

Onerous terms: -1.  these guys have the same lawyer as Alumitact–one more sign that they’re the same outfit.

  • Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.39.19 AMTo get a refund, you have to phone ahead for an authorization number, and they have to receive your returned light, within 30 days from your ordernot from the day you received it. They’ll only accept the light if it’s working. They charge a $10 restocking fee.
  • You can always return your light for a replacement, unless it/s broken. They charge a $10 restocking fee.
  • They don’t guarantee that their products are fit for any use; nor that anything they say is true.
  • You can’t sue them, join a class action that’s suing them, or join a third-party arbitration.

Ads, spam, robocalls: -1

  • They offer a discount in exchange for your email address.
  • They’ll use the information you give them, plus what they can suck out of your browser, to beam ads at you, spam you, robocall, text and junk mail you.
  • They’ll share your information with other companies that will do the same.
  • They ignore Do Not Call registries.
  • You can try to unsubscribe; but this won’t affect other mailing lists, nor the third-party companies that now have your information.

Lying and deception: -1

  • You know how it feels when someone takes a picture of you using flash at night. … Now imageine that light being 100X brighter …”  This is a 700 lumen flashlight.  A camera flash produces about 1.4 million lumens.
  • On the order form, a quantity of five flashlights is already selected.

Obfuscation: -1

  • You don’t find out the price until you drill down to the third page.
  • An ad and a coupon cover the web page while you’re trying to read it.

Phony reviews: -1

  • The first page, “Smarter Consumer Tips,” masquerades as a review.
  • Social media “posts” on the first page have the usual fake photos that flashlight scams use.

Crummy product: 0.  I couldn’t find an impartial review.

Overpriced: -1.  Here is a seemingly identical light on Amazon for $10.  It’s rated 4.6 stars by 58 customers.

Unauthorized charges: +1.  No reports found.

Final score; -6


Bonus outtakes:

  • Every American should own one and have it in every room of their house.”  If you have a one-room house.
  • The Conditions of Service lists the returns address as 225 Thomas Ave N., Minneapolis, MN 55405.  But that’s Alumitact’s (Military Supply USA’s) address.

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