Shocked by

A scam is defined by the way it’s sold, not by the quality of the product.  A good product can be sold in an evil way; for example, the Inferno Lighter.  So let’s skip the merits of Tesla-inspired gadgets, and take a look at how sells them.  (Red links are evil, do not click.).  Note that there are several similar Tesla-invoking sales campaigns, for example .   I’m using my Scam-O-Meter scoring method for detecting scams.

scamometer-teslaRidiculous claims: -1

  • You’ll save money on your electric bill right away, with very little effort or cost. Note that you don’t actually get a device; you only get text and a video.
  • You’ll be able to take this little device anywhere with you.  Note that you don’t actually get a device; you only get text and a video.
  • This little device is very light and portable.  (See above.)
  • Great for survival in a disaster; you can cook food with electricity from it.  Or you could use a camping stove.
  • There’s a conspiracy against Tesla and everything inspired by him. Believe it, and show those energy industry fat cats who’s boss by getting scammed!

Post Office box: -1. reveals no physical address of any kind.  Their only contact is an email address.

screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-10-17-13-pmOnerous terms: -1

  • You can only return products that are unopened and unused.
  • They’ll pay return shipping costs for wrong or broken items.  But how can you tell if an item is wrong or broken without opening the box?
  • They don’t guarantee that anything they say is true.
  • JVZoo (see “Obfuscation” below) likewise doesn’t guarantee that anything they say is true; nor that the products they handle are fit for any use.

Ads, spam, robocalls: -1

  • First page, small print; “To subscribe or make a purchase on our website you agree to receive information by email.
  • They’ll use the information you provide and everything they can suck out of your browser to spam you.

richard-goranLying and deception: -1

  • The video spokesperson for Tesla-energy is Professor Doctor Richard Goran, whom we briefly see in a lab, wearing a white coat.  Despite possessing two academic-sounding titles, the professor doctor is quite unknown.  He’s not listed in LinkedIn or Wikipedia.  I can only find one photo of him, and its resolution is poor.  “Prof. Dr. Richard Goran appears to be a fictitious individual, as there are no references to him outside of mentions in Power Innovator promotional material,” reports
  • The small print on the first page disavows the big print, in charming broken English; “If you believe any information available on this site will carry potential a single result because the read or acquired, it will not.

Obfuscation: -1

  • You can’t order the product until you’ve watched the start of the video (the part about the conspiracy theory).  Then an “Add To Cart” button appears.
  • The price isn’t revealed until page 3.
  • It’s a shell game figuring out who these people are.  The web site is  But the product is retailed by JVZoo.  Orders are handled by FastSpring (the domain of the order form is  However, the orders are fulfilled by the Power Freedom Program, even tho they declare that they sell nothing to the general public.
  • Power Freedom Program isn’t responsible for anything its web site says, because its content is merely “advertising” by JVZoo.

Phony reviews: -1  The authors are outfits you never heard of before.  The reviews are vague, yet wildly enthusiastic.  And they have prominent graphical links to the scam site.  They are, in fact, advertising.

Crummy product:  0  As we’re concentrating on the seller’s integrity, rather than the product’s merits, I’ll say no more here.

Overpriced:  0. I couldn’t find plans for a Tesla generator for free.

Unauthorized charges: +1  I found no evidence of this.

Total Scam-O-Meter score; -6

Try to get something for nothing, and you’ll probably end up with nothing for something.  I suggest researching energy conservation instead of dealing with these guys.


Open4Energy: Power innovator program — scam reviewburned-link



One thought on “Shocked by

  1. netrolller3d

    And I guess Tesla Energy Inc. (the energy storage and solar operation of Tesla Inc.) is not gonna be happy about the blatant abuse of their trademarks.



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