Blinded by AlumiTact X700 flashlights

The great web-scammer flashlight hunt continues!

In this September 30 2016 episode, the Military Supply USA AlumiTact X700, not to be confused with the LumiTact G700.

Ridiculous claims: The scam site makes no claims, other than the typical 75% discount that translates to “This is a scam.”  Leaving the dubious boasting to their tame review sites gives them deniability.  On that technicality, +1 for AlumiTact.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-1-54-52-amPost Office box: Military Supply USA wins the coveted Bricks And Mortar Award.  But I sure wouldn’t want to work there.  +1

225 Thomas Ave. N. Suite R – Minneapolis MN 55405

Onerous terms: 

  • You have to return the product within 30 days of your purchase — not when you receive it.
  • They only give refunds for working flashlights.  If yours doesn’t work, too bad!
  • If you buy the Lifetime Replacement Plan, they’ll replace your flashlight at any time, unless it’s broken.
  • They don’t guarantee that their products are fit for any use; nor that anything they say is true.
  • You can’t sue them, or join a class action that’s suing them.  -1

scamometer AlumiTact.pngAds, spam, robocalls: Their Privacy Policy is particularly aggressive.  -1

  • They’ll collect personal information from any contact with you, even if you just claim a prize or contact Customer Service.
  • They’ll collect personal information about you from third parties.
  • They’ll suck data out of your browser.
  • They’ll beam ads at you, spam you, send you junk mail, robocall your land line and cell phone, and text you at your expense.
  • They’ll share your data with other companies that will do the same.
  • You can unsubscribe from emails by email; and from texts by text.  (How you stop the other advertising isn’t explained.)  You’re on your own stopping the third-party ads.

Lying and deception: Watch out; the order form is pre-filled for a quantity of 7 flashlights.   -1

Obfuscation: Shortly after the web page displays, a coupon that you can’t close or decline covers it up.  Play their game and click on it to make it go away.  0

Phony reviews:  I particularly enjoyed this one:

Are you looking for any survival flashlight? Are you have any good idea on how to survive yourself, your family members or your dependents from any crisis? If you wish your family to be safe to have good warmth, enough food, water and everything they need to alive?  -1

burned-linkCrummy product: The Outdoor Nerd pins this product as just another cheap flashlight scam.  Infinite Power Solutions concludes, “If you’re expecting this flashlight to be heavy, durable, and made from high-quality materials, then you’re probably going to be disappointed.”  Amazon carries the light, but has no customer reviews yet.  -1

Overpriced: Military Supply USA is asking $35 for one light.  On Amazon it’s $50.  Amazon carries a lot of similar-looking flashlights claiming various lumens for $15 or less.  0

Unauthorized charges: The Outdoor Nerd writes, “One thing I am hearing from people falling for the scam is that many of them never receive anything for their money, which isn’t too surprising.”  I couldn’t find any other complaints about this.  0

Scam-O-Meter score; -3

The terms and privacy policy are dire.  Best stay away!



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