To victims of the LUX HD450 phone lens scam


danger-theftAre you a victim of LUX HD450?  If so, I am truly sorry.

I’ve received hundreds of replies and comments about my posts like this one covering LUX HD450 phone lenses.  My posts warn people that the lenses are crummy, and that the company steals from buyers’ credit card accounts.  Still, among the replies are several that have mistaken me for the LUX HD450 company.  Here is how I’ve been answering them.

I am just a blogger and reviewer; I have no connection to the lens company. I only posted some articles about them. So I can’t do anything about your order. Sorry!

How to contact LUX HD450:
Lux HD450
2658 Del Mar Heights Rd #368
Del Mar, CA 92014 USA
Phone: 1-844-220-5101
International Returns Address:
PO Box 7574
Milton Keynes, MK119GQ, UK

My advice is:

  1. You can try calling the company.  But beware; they may try to trick you into waiting until you can’t get your money back from your credit card issuer.  They may tell you promises and lies, such as fake shipment tracking numbers.  
  2. Refuse to accept any packages you receive from the company, and return them unopened.
  3. Call your credit card issuer’s fraud department, and request that their charges be reversed and your card blocked. Request a new credit card.
  4. You’ll have to move any scheduled or automatic payments that you’ve set up on your old card over to the new card yourself.

I know from personal experience that changing credit cards is a huge nuisance. But I think this is the quickest, surest way to free yourself from a credit thief.  Some readers have also forced LUX HD450 to refund their money by complaining to the state attorney general or the Better Business Bureau.  The FTC has posted advice on how to report online fraud.

If you still want this type of lens, you can safely buy similar ones on Amazon. You’ll see a variety of products there; pay attention to the customer reviews, most of which are honest.

Here are some more detailed suggestions for getting your money back.


I took this photo with an iPhone 6.

Now, a bit of straight talk about taking better pictures.  Putting different lenses on any camera can be fun. Keep in mind, tho, that you can’t make your phone into a better camera by clipping a lens to it.  A photographer could explain why, and probably tell you more than you wanted to know.  Put simply, that would be like making hamburger into prime rib by putting steak sauce on it.  The sauce may make the hamburger more fun to eat, but it’s still hamburger.

Photography is an art.  With a little effort and guidance, you can learn to do it well enough to enjoy yourself and create nice pictures that people will admire–even with just your phone.  As you learn more, a better camera can become a great tool.  But a better camera won’t by itself make you a better photographer.

Several other web scammers are following in LUX HD450’s path.  The above advice also applies to customers of HD360x and HDFX360.


25 thoughts on “To victims of the LUX HD450 phone lens scam

  1. Carla Snook

    I usually research things before I buy them. Shoulda woulda coulda. I had been waiting just over the 7 business day mark, went on their site and was saying didn’t know -where- my order was or something; so I wrote an e-mail I like things in writing. They came back with: we are shipping a NEW order – right now and will ALSO send a tracking number. I asked and asked for a tracking number to no avail; then I stated I wanted a refund like was offered to me also. I went BACK on the site LQQKING for the place I found before to TRACK my order. It was GONE. I clicked on every available field on that home page; never found that again !!!!! Then they said it was too late – some window had closed. I sent back, I had ALREADY been advised I was getting a REFUND. The next message – You are not getting a refund. No ending salutation or anything. So, I am going to call my Bank – and just dispute…… and see what happens. NO more ads from the Facebook feed for me !!!!!! I will wctxh your blog – it is very informative.


    1. Christine Staley

      I just talked to a women from LUX hd 450 lenses! I had ordered from an ad on FB! They took $145 out of my cc for the lenses! That is when I found out about this so called company! Anyway I sent the package back unopened! They said they never received it so they could NOT give me a refund! I will contact the bbb & let them know! Btw because I kept calling them the CC company could not reverse the chg because it was over 60 days soooo I’m out the $145! Never again! 😑


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  11. Ralph Morgan

    While it took a while to ship my order, they answered my followup email saying they had a huge response to the drop in price, I still got the lenses within two weeks. I am having trouble understanding all the complaints made here. Guess some people just like to bitch. I got quick responses to my email and prompt shipping. Now I ordered some fishing lures from another seller and they took over two months to ship, 😟


  12. Denise

    This is a SCAM. Once they have your card number, you get monthly small charges (clearly they hope to slip under the radar) – mine have been 8.99,8.95, 15.95, all under different names (RibbonGoods, GlobalInv). If you call, they claim you purchased a membership in a discount club. No I didn’t. The first month, I called and they refunded those charges as well as my “membership”. The bank said they couldn’t do anything about it the first month since the charges hadn’t “gone through” yet – and yet they held that amount of money “hostage” while waiting. They did NOT cancel anything – 2 more months of small charges to differently named companies. Supposedly they are refunding these again and supposedly cancelled my membership again. Changing my card number.


    1. kramd1

      That’s criminal activity , Nathan Martinez of LLC internet marketing .has been operating this credit card gouging scam for some time across a variety of products ,including LUX lenses & Shadow hawk flashlights There would have to be a lot of pissed off victims.


    2. Azman Ahmad

      I am starting to feel I might be in the same mess as you. After my purchase they started to enrol me to the “subscription program” . Reading further the small prints, I noticed about the monthly subscription. I could not agree to this and immediately wtote an email demanding cancellation of my resgistration. They came back offering 50% discount. I flatly refused. No further communication until I saw my credit card being charged at 4.47 . Immediately I wrote to them at demanding a stop and a refund – and all I get is “address not found”…. The have absconded and could be charging me again soon. I am cancelling my credit card…


      1. pablovilas13 Post author

        Yes; sadly, this annoying process is the only way to make the stealing stop. Anyone who has ever done business with the LUX outfit needs to get their credit card blocked and a new one issued, regardless of whether they received merchandise, a refund or a cancellation, and regardless of any communication they’ve had with the company.


      2. Azman Ahmad

        …and they actually did. Two more transactions of $4.47 appeared on my credit card before I could cancelled them. Making it 3 x $4.47 . With nowhere to complained especially since I am not living in the US.. they just stolen my money !!!. Please continue to warn others. They now operate under different name but very similar….

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Jason

    So the biggest question is, how the hell is this legal? I mean, there has to be money tracing into someone”s account, no? Can’t we take up legal action against the company or even facebook for allowing such fraudulent activity?
    Anyone have answers?


    1. Mark

      Jason , The reason these people are getting away with it is because the transactions are small, i.e. $149 . It’s simply not worth the effort for any individual to bring a law suite against this company. They are young upstarts with a bent lawyer in the family and know exactly what to do and say to survive at this level.
      They are doing very well from gouging credit cards and are prolific in web marketing, They stung me and thousands of people. Me or you or some else would need to engage a lawyer , get a list of all the victims , have the victims of this scam make a submission and then take class action law suite out against Nathan Martinez and his companies LLC . He could do jail time and or have assents taken away and be forced to pay back the many many victims.


  14. Anonymous

    We were scammed too. Taking money from our account without our permission because we were APPARENTLY part of the elite shipping club. They said they never got our emails because it was apparently a Do Not Reply customer service email (never said that on the email). What kind of customer service has a do not reply? Trashy company – stay away!


  15. Dominique Lack

    I am not sure where you are getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic info I was looking for this info for my mission.


    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      My sources; a careful reading of the website, including the Terms And Conditions and Privacy Policy documents. Plus internet research, in particular the Better Business Bureau,, and In the case of the LUX outfit I bought a set of lenses from a customer and tested them. I’d like to test more of these products, but I can’t afford them; donations of unwanted products purchased on scam sites will be gratefully accepted.



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