Illuminated by Fenix TK75 LED flashlights

I’m going to look at some more flashlight offers, since Shadowhawk has been so much fun.  In this installment, Fenix’s TK75 LED flashlight.

Ridiculous claims: None found.  +1

Post Office box: Nope.  At 2103 W. Greeley St., Broken Arrow, OK 74012 I see a warehouse with a “Fenix” sign over the office entrance.  +1fenix-warehouse

Onerous terms: I don’t see the “Terms and Conditions” page of gobbledygook that’s typical of web scams.  Instead I find a “Warranty And Returns Info” document that’s brief and talks straight.  Basically, you get a five-year warranty, plus six months if you register your light with the manufacturer.  +1

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-8-26-02-pmAds, spam, robocalls: Fenix uses the information you provide only to complete the transaction.  They don’t share it with anybody.  You can register to receive catalogs, etc. if you want them.  +1

Lying and deception: None found.  +1

Obfuscation:  The web site’s animations are a bit annoying.  But they don’t seem intended to confuse the customer.  +1

scamometer-fenixPhony reviews:  I found some hands-on, technical, hype-free reviews.  There’s no silly talk about defending your family from the zombie apocalypse.  They do have text links to Fenix.  +1

Crummy product:  Amazon has no customer reviews giving less than four stars; but I only see three reviewers.  “The Fenix TK75 is a true 4,000 Lumen Flashlight and the brightness is comparable to my NiteCore TM16. +1

  • You can look at the user manual online before you buy the light.
  • The web site specifies the batteries you can use with the light.
  • The web site lists the items included in your purchase.

Overpriced: Amazon lists the light for $165 vs. Fenix’s $199.  So, a bit high.  I see other lights claiming 4,000 lumens starting at $6.  0

Unauthorized charges: I found no reports of this.  +1

Scam-O-Meter score: +9

These lights aren’t cheap.  But they seem to be a premium quality product, and the warranty is awesome.


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