Phone lens scammer HD360x sure looks familiar

HD360x is a lot like LUX HD450; ugly. (Thanks to D. Stoddard for the tip.)  Same web pages; same crummy lenses.

Whether it shares other evil traits like credit-card fraud remains to be seen.  screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-9-50-55-pmIts base in Canada may make legal recourse for US citizens difficult.  Let’s see what this operation is up to on September 7, 2016.

Ridiculous claims:  

  • Buying these lenses will make you famous online.  “Many Instagram Famous Celebrities have finally shared their secrets about how they have gained over a MILLION FOLLOWERS in a very short time-frame. … Most of them used to take pictures simply with their phone, but they weren’t gaining any followers until they started using the HD360X for instant high quality pictures. Now, they have created their own empire with one simple device!
  • They outperform lenses by Zeiss, Leica, Nikon and Canon, according to an unattributed scientific-looking chart.  I’ve tested the lenses; this claim is so false!  -1

HD360xPost Office box: The scam site doesn’t offer a physical address of any kind.  Their Privacy Statement divulges the Canadian address of their Privacy Compliance Officer: 1415 33 St N, Lethbridge, AB, T1H 5H2, Canada.  Here I see a mini-storage warehouse.  -1

Onerous terms: 

  • Believe anything we say at your own risk.
  • We don’t guarantee that our products are fit for any use.
  • Any returns are subject to our return policy.  (I couldn’t find the Return Policy on the website.)  -1

scamometer HD360xAds, spam, robocalls: HD360x has a good Privacy Policy, if you’re willing to trust them to stick to it.  Because they’re based in Canada, spammed US citizens aren’t likely to have any recourse.

  • Information collected during a transaction is only used to complete the transaction.
  • If we want your information for marketing, we’ll ask for it.  You can opt in or opt out at any time.  +1

Lying and deception:  

  • The web page masquerades as a review of the vendor; but its domain is
  • It has the byline “Matt Perez.”  I found no Matt Perez who has anything to do with photography or journalism.
  • A different lens is shown in the sidebar than on the main part of the page.
  • “We set our design goals to make these lenses the finest in the world, bar none.”   So says the fictitious Simon Greig, HD360x’s Lead Technologist (and LUX HD450’s, too?).  -1


  • Most of the Terms and Conditions document is not about clip-on phone lenses; you’ll have to read it pretty hard to pick out what little meat is there.
  • You have to drill down through three web pages to see the price list.
  • An animated timer suggests that you don’t have time to comparison-shop.  -1

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.07.26 PMPhony reviews: I see the usual suspects; Assistive Tech, Infinite Power Solutions, etc.  This type of scam is a cooperative enterprise among many “companies.”  Any vague, wildly enthusiastic review by someone you never heard of before with a button linking you to the seller is getting paid.  -1

Crummy product: I’ve tested these lenses; “crummy” is about right.  -1

Overpriced: HD360x offers a single set of lenses for $56, and quantity discounts down to $27.50 for 20 sets.  Amazon has a wide selection of clip-on phone lens sets, including what looks like the identical product under another brand for $5.99.  -1

Unauthorized charges: Once they’ve got your credit-card data, they turn unresponsive.  A typical complaint:

… the customer “service” is unfriendly, they refuse to cancel orders (within the first minute after it was placed!), they do not acknowledge emails, refused shipments, or returns. I am still waiting for a refund from April (it is August as I write this). -1

Final Scam-O-meter score: -8

Even if you still want the lenses, you’ll avoid a lot of trouble and grief by steering clear of these guys.

If you’re a victim

I am very sorry to learn it. Here’s the best advice I’ve been able to come up with for victims of phone lens scams.

Other reviews



19 thoughts on “Phone lens scammer HD360x sure looks familiar

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  2. George Dunn

    Absolutely the worst customer service and return policies of any of the myriad of on-line companies I have fealt with. Bottom line is they need our payments more than anything. Simply cannot say enough bad about them and their policies,all due to a lack of a “tracking number”!!!!


  3. James Will

    Be aware that they just keep re-naming it and trying again. I just saw another ad with a different name. Same claims, same offers, same prices. If you really want to try this lens system out, eBay has them for under $10.


    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      Usually it’s a different scammer plugging the same product and giving it a similar name. But I’ve found two cases of self-renaming. Compare the companies’ addresses to find out which is the case.


  4. Anonymous

    These ppl just charged me AGAIN…..n i didn’t buy anything. Bastards. I got sucked in big time. The lenses r crap.


  5. Alecia Sperger

    I’m very happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.


  6. sned

    Its not a scam . i hate people posting review saying its bad. and i always don’t believe it. If it does not work for you it does not mean it wont work for me. i have this and it works great. Comparing it to another product it like this reviewer had a bad experience on the product and willing to go the extra mile to bad mouth the company. Information on this page is clearly different from the HD360x page which makes this page what? used to give negative respond. You just make up these scam o meter.


    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      You paid $56 for $6 lenses, and you’re smiling? But if you’re happy, I can’t argue with that. Yes, I did make up the Scam-O-Meter as a graphic to quickly inform a reader of how a company stacks up. I describe the criteria here.


    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      Fair enough. Tell us some good things about the company. What do you think of the price? Did you get good service from them? How do you like your lenses?


      1. Rymond

        As i have the lens it may not be as good as they say but it works great. you have to get used to it placing the lens over to the sweet spot. The price is well what can i say it is for the product i got and as expected for the price. It is a lens and enhances the ZOOM of YOUR PHONE. so if your phone camera is not that great dont expect too much for the price. I have may lens shipped within 20 days. It is a review for the lens come on. He reviewed the COMPANY not the lens. Where is his review he only said “crummy”? No Sample photos, No accurate info about the product? No nothing. I read this before i purchased it with a negative thought. With that it i have learned that ” If it does not work for the reviewer, it does not mean it wont work for me”. I got my moneys worth and not expect much. This is a false review, i think this review is for LUXHD450 which he only connects it to hd360 because of the similar name. haha


      2. pablovilas13 Post author

        Actually, I reported on my test of the lenses here, including sample photos. This link is in the “crummy product” section; apparently you overlooked it. The same lenses are sold branded as HD360x, LUX HD450, ProShot HDX, ROK7 HD360 and HDFX360. Click “Phone” in the topics cloud in the right side-bar to read my posts about all of them.

        How do I know that these companies sell the same lenses? I’ve looked at the images of them under high magnification, and I’ve compared the markings on them to those on a set branded LUX HD450 that I obtained. It’s possible I made a mistake, but not very likely.

        It’s true that I mainly review the company, not the product. That’s because this blog is about web scams, not about lenses and other products. A crummy product is typical of many scams. However, some scams involve good products. Keep in mind that a scammer is someone who takes your money by trickery or theft. In each post I’m asking one question; is the company trustworthy?

        I invest a lot of my own time researching and writing this blog. I receive no return for my efforts other than the hope that I can help some people avoid getting scammed and do some damage to criminal enterprises. I’ve received replies and emails thanking me, so I know I must be doing some good. Although your reply is rather discourteous, I’m allowing it to be published. I’ll be happy to remove your reply if you so request.


  7. Rymond

    Fake review. All information told here is a lie. Here are some false information given here i know this reviewer made this for having a bad experience on a product but giving FALSE INFORMATION like this and saying it as a review? come on!. I have their product and it works for me. If it does not work for you it does not mean it won’t work for others.
    1. It has the byline “Matt Perez.” I found no Matt Perez who has anything to do with photography or journalism. – Visit the site and it is not “Matt Perez.”
    2. “We set our design goals to make these lenses the finest in the world, bar none.” So says the fictitious Simon Greig, HD360x’s Lead Technologist (and LUX HD450’s, too?).- They have different Tech. I’m guessing you made this for LUX HD450 which is the item you got not HD360x
    3. Return address in this review is different also.
    4. Any returns are subject to our return policy. (I couldn’t find the Return Policy on the website.) – FALSE they have return address, customer service number and email.
    and the list goes on as i can see this is not a review but a RANT! You did not review the product and yet giving false INFO about the company.


    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      I’m always grateful for an attentive reader. I think a lot of your confusion is due to the passage of time. I wrote this post on September 7, 2016 (it’s dated at the top). You’re writing on June 9, 2017. You’ll also notice that the copyright notice at the bottom of the HD360x web page is currently dated 2017. Scammers sometimes change their web pages after I write about them; I wonder why?

      When I wrote the post, Matt Perez was given as the author of the HD360x “review.” On June 10, 2017, I see they’ve changed the author to “Matt Philips,” who supposedly posted it 16 minutes ago. Taking a peek at the page source, I see that the time is a literal; Matt ALWAYS posted it 16 minutes ago. As was the case with Matt Perez, I haven’t been able to find a Matt Philips who is involved in photography or journalism. (I did stumble onto a Canadian comedian who might be worth a look.)

      I see that HD360x changed the name of their Lead Technologist from Simon Greig to Rolf Guderian, who coincidentally is also in Stuttgart. If you click on Rolf’s image and save it, you’ll notice that it comes up with the filename row_2_model.jpg. If you then do a Google image search on the saved picture, you’ll find that Rolf is just clip art; his image is for sale on

      I see that the return address is now 2105 Foothill Blvd Suite B123, La Verne,CA 91750. I took a look at this location with Google Street View. Sadly, it is not a camera store; it’s a UPS store, and Suite B123 is a mailbox. The same address was in use when I reviewed the HD360x zoom+ phone lens; that post is here,

      I see that they’ve added a return policy; good move.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your lenses. Keep in mind, tho, that a scam can involve a good product. Keep an eye on your credit card statements. Other readers have written to me about unauthorized charges by HD360x.


      1. Jaedee

        Wait you said “I see that HD360x changed the name of their Lead Technologist from Simon Greig to Rolf Guderian, who coincidentally is also in Stuttgart.” But when i loo at their webpage its Cory Brown, lead technologist from Stuttgart?


  8. Hyman Asta

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!



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