The sticky web of the LUX HD450 phone lens scam



Much of this web is in darkness; here is what I’ve been able to figure out as of 7/25/16.

The product

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.07.26 PMThis scam involves a poor-quality, overpriced set of clip-on lenses for smart phone cameras.  The vendor habitually delivers and charges for five sets, regardless of how many sets the customer orders. Thru credit card fraud, many customers have lost over $100 on these lenses advertised at $29 and selling for $10 on Amazon.

The Mailbox

LUX HD450 corporate headquarters are here:

mailbox serviceHow to contact LUX HD450:
Lux HD450
2658 Del Mar Heights Rd #368
Del Mar, CA 92014 USA
Phone: 1-844-220-5101
International Returns Address:
PO Box 7574
Milton Keynes, MK119GQ, UK

The website lists LuxLense LLC (see “The company”) as the owner of .  The website gets over 25,000 visits a day.  My blogs get at most 600 a day.  I feel like a gnat trying to defend a goal the size of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building.

“Well, you can’t teach everybody!”  -Dr. Jennifer Brown started hosting on March 17, 2016, per EasyCounter.  Odd that LuxLense LLC’s address for website-owning purposes is different:

las vegas.png

7582 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas Nevada 89123

The connections

What a coincidence.  This is the address of another scammer I’ve blogged about; Shadowhawk Flashlights.

It’s also the address of  This company’s lines of business on 7/25/16 included online jobs and pre-payday loans.

The company

The bottom of the LUX HD450 web page (which, we now see, might really be owned by Shadowhawk) says “Made by LUXHD Cameras.”  This company is imaginary; I’ve found no mention of it by anybody other than LUX HD450.

No manufacturer?  No problem.  At their prices, they can afford to buy the lenses from Amazon and repackage them.  However, there really is a company behind LUX HD450.  Trademarkia states, “LUX HD450 is a product created by LuxLense LLC,” same address.  The company was incorporated March 17, 2016 in Delaware, via its registered agent Paracorp.  What a coincidence; that’s the date the LUX HD450 website went up on

The lawyer

To communicate with LuxLense LLC’s mysterious owner, one must apply to his or her legal correspondent, a Los Angeles business lawyer.  The lawyer’s address is shown below; apparently, he likes to keep a low profile.


The trademark

LuxLense LLC’s assets include one trademark; LUX HD450, created May 24, 2016 according to Inventively.  Trademark File lists its status on June 1, 2016 as “New application – not assigned to an Examiner.”


If you’re a victim

I am very sorry to learn it. Here’s the best advice I’ve been able to come up with for victims of phone lens scams.

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4 thoughts on “The sticky web of the LUX HD450 phone lens scam

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  2. Anonymous

    Thanks you should post this on Facebook where this company does its advertising. Just a thought. I really don’t like scammers like this. They need to get real jobs or put in jail



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